EBHO in the News

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Former EBHO Executive Director Amie Fishman at a press conference for the Oakland People's Housing Coalition 

Affordable Housing Week 2015

Gloria Bruce, "Affordable Housing and the Future of Our Region." May 8th, 2015. The San Francisco Foundation Blog. 

Chris De Benedetti, "Fremont: Affordable housing complex for military vets, homeless breaks ground." May 12th, 2015. Contra Costa Times. 

Andrew McGall, "Walnut Creek affordable housing project celebrates opening." May 14th, 2015. Contra Costa Times.

Budget Campaigns to Fund Affordable Housing

"Activists Shape Oakland Coliseum Area Plan." March 18, 2015. East Bay Express.

"Newark: Council considering waiver of $8.4 million affordable housing fees." October 22, 2014. The Contra Costa Times. 

"Promise of $130m draws out a specialists' debate on getting sustainable development right." August 20, 2014. California Planning and Redevelopment Report. 

"Former redevelopment funds to pay for affordable housing, homeless care."August 7, 2014. Pleasanton Weekly. 

Press Conference on Cap and Trade funds with EBHO and CA Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg. May 15, 2014

Amie Fishman, "Guest commentary: A week designed to recognize importance of affordable housing." May 13, 2014. Contra Costa Times.

Jean Tepperman, "Can Oakland Afford Affordable Housing?" April 2, 2014. East Bay Express.

Sharon Cornu, "Lifetimes of experience, speaking out for affordable homes." June 24, 2013. Oakland Local.

Amie Fishman, "It makes financial sense to make affordable housing a priority." June 26, 2013. The Oakland Tribune.

Steven Tavares, "With Redevelopment Dissolved, Oakland Looks For New A Solution To Support Affordable Housing." July 9, 2013. East Bay Citizen.

Affordable Housing Week 2014

Peter Hegarty, "Alameda: Affordable housing project for the disabled officially opens." May 16, 2014. San Jose Mercury News.

Eric J. Kos, "Landmark Facility Opens Formally on Friday." May 16, 2014. Alameda Sun.

Regional Planning

Jean Tepperman, "Bay Area Agencies Push for Less Eco-Friendly Plan," June 26, 2013. East Bay Express.

Affordable Housing Week 2013

Denis Cuff, "Dublin: Emerald Vista housing complex now open." May 30, 2013. Contra Costa Times.

Julie Twichell, "Op-Ed: Why Berkeley needs more affordable housing." May 24, 2013. Berkeleyside.

"New Affordable Housing for Low-Income Seniors." May 17, 2013. The Post News Group.

Laura Casey, "Tour highlights opportunities for housing in Alameda." May 13, 2013. San Francisco Chronicle.

Mike McGreehan, "Alameda's Renewed Hope Housing Advocates to be honored by East Bay Housing Organizations." May 9, 2013. Oakland Tribune.

Amie Fishman and Darin Lounds, "A Way to Restore Lost State Housing Funds." May 7, 2013. San Francisco Chronicle.

Oakland launches foreclosure prevention strategies

Andy Wright, "Oakland takes steps to address foreclosure crisis." October 18, 2012. The Bay Citizen.

 "Mayor Unveils Plan to Alleviate Oakland Foreclosure Crisis."  October 9, 2012. KQED radio.

Carolyn Said, "Oakland Aims to Prevent Foreclosures." October 9, 2012. San Francisco Chronicle.

Angela Woodall, "Oakland Seeks to Stop Scourge of Foreclosures with $5 Million Plan." October 9, 2012. Oakland Tribune/Bay Area News Group.

Alameda passes new housing element with advocacy of EBHO members

Aaron Glantz, "Alameda to Allow Construction of New Apartments" July 11, 2012. The Bay Citizen

Katrina Schwartz, "City of Alameda Lifts Apartment Building Ban."  July 11, 2012. KQED radio.

EBHO and partners spur discussion about Oakland's Broadway Valdez district

Oakland North,  "What comes next for Broadway Auto Row?" (June 12, 2012)

EBHO's 16th Annual Affordable Housing Week, May 11-20, 2012

KALW Your Call – “What is the Future of Affordable Housing?”  Featuring EBHO Deputy Director Gloria Bruce and San Francisco Council of Community Housing Organizations Co-Director Peter Cohen

CBS - EAH’s Cathedral Gardens Groundbreaking in Oakland, May 17: "Oakland Uptown Development Breaks Ground, Hopes to Attract Working Class"

Oakland North - "The Nexus Between Affordable and Healthy Housing", May 18: Alameda County Healthy Homes Alliance Discuss Affordable and Healthy Housing

  Victory for the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord

January 31, 2012: KCBC Radio Coverage, "Concord Plans Redevelopment Of Naval Weapons Station

February 29, 2012: East Bay Express, "Smart Growth in the Burbs"

Poverty Across the State, and in the East Bay

Aaron Sankin, "Bay Area Poverty: Poor Pushed From San Francisco To Suburbs." September 4, 2012. The Huffington Post.

Anna Challet, "Perfect Storm of Housing Ills Hits Communities of Color." August 12, 2013. New America Media.