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For years, EBHO has campaigned as part of the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord (CCSC) for affordable housing and sustainable development at the Concord Naval Weapons Station (CNWS) and citywide. The Coalition has made significant progress in achieving strong affordable housing commitments, and will continue to focus on the CNWS General Plan Amendment and the Housing Element. For more information, or contact Matt Leber at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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On May 11, 2012, EBHO honored the City of Concord the Kickoff Celebration of Affordable Housing Week 2012. EBHO acknowledged the city's leadership and years of hard work in building a comprehensive vision for the reuse of the Concord Naval Weapons Station. In addition to adopting a transit oriented Area Plan that preserves open space and creates walkable communities and local jobs, the City Council voted unanimously to commit 25% of residential development to be affordable, representing a major commitment to sustainable and equitable growth.


Members of the Community Coalition for a Sustainable Concord are celebrating a visionary plan to revitalize the shuttered Concord Naval Weapons Station.  After over 5 years of coalition building, a broad alliance of housing, labor, faith-based, neighborhood, and environmental organizations watched on January 24 as the Concord City Council unanimously approved a plan that includes affordable housing, open space, transit-oriented development and quality jobs.

"The Concord City Council has taken a momentous step to ensure that the Naval Weapons Station will be a truly world-class project that sets a new gold standard for the Bay Area and beyond,” said Amie Fishman. “This forward-looking plan for Concord reflects the Community Coalition’s vision for homes that people of all income levels can afford, jobs that sustain working families, open space that promotes a healthy environment, and a process that unifies rather than divides people."

Specifically, the plan:

  • Clusters development around the North Concord BART station, currently the system’s least used station, with a vibrant mix of townhomes and apartments, workplaces for thousands of new workers, and shops, schools and other amenities. A new community will be created — meeting the burgeoning market demand for more lively and pedestrian-friendly neighborhoods.
  • Secures 25 percent of the new homes as affordable to lower-income families, veterans, seniors and teachers, as well as service-enriched housing for families that have been homeless and for people with disabilities. This will help integrate the new community into the city and allow more people to live near where they work. 
  • Provides economic opportunities for thousands of Contra Costans through policies that encourage the use of proven apprenticeship programs for youth and veterans, and a 40-percent goal of employing local building tradespeople for the construction of the new community. 
  • Preserves nearly 70 percent of the area as open space — 3,500 acres, an area three times the size of Golden Gate Park — including a restored creek, sweeping views of Mount Diablo, and a linear park connecting the existing city to the new neighborhoods.

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Coalition Partners

Arc Ecology
Carpenters Local Union 152
Central Labor Council of Contra Costa County
Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization
CNWS Neighborhood Alliance
East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
East Bay Housing Organizations
Friends of Mt. Diablo Creek
Greenbelt Alliance
Habitat for Humanity East Bay
Lutheran Social Services
Mount Diablo Audubon Society
Public Advocates, Inc.
Resources for Community Development
Save Mount Diablo
Sierra Club
Transportation and Land Use Coalition